Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just kidding around on the farm

Who cares what is on the boob tube when you have a myriad of entertaining critters like we do here at Cherokee Valley Bison Ranch.   Goats we've found are some of the most entertaining.  Curiosity got the better of one of our little bucklings and soon we were rolling on the floor with laughter while he unintentionally entertained us.    To the right of him, his mother Crystal comments, "Nothing's funnier than a baby goat with a bucket on it's head. Ha! Ha! Ha!  Unless of course it's your baby goat.  I"m so embarrassed."      Of course, we don't speak goat, so she could have just told him to quit playing with his food?   Never a dull moment.

Till next time.
Carie and Jarrod - Ranchers

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