Saturday, April 7, 2012

Not tonight honey bunny, I've got a headache.

Welcome to our ranch blog!  Here at Wild., Wooly and Horny we hope to keep you entertained, educated and enlightened on the daily life of a small sustainable farm and the critters and caretakers that share the land.
Wild, Woolly and Horny may be just what you think, but then again....maybe not.
Defined , Wild, Wooly and Horny may mean - 
Wild -  Untamed, uninhabited area, undomesticated.  
Wooly - Fluffy, furry, shaggy
Horny -  Desiring, passionate, randy, turned on
But they also have other definitions here on our farm.  Wild describes half of the origins of our heritage breed Narragansett turkeys, the bison that once roamed wild all across North America and our baby chicks at feeding time.
Wooly can refer to the hair on our bison, the goats, the rabbits but also the rip-roaring, unsettled, zoo-like nature of the animals that call this farm home.   Horny is well - mostly as described above. But our bison (both males and females) have horns.    And speaking of horny.

We just recently decided that it was time to breed one of our doe rabbits with our buck.  Head rancher Carie went to retrieve our doe "Nellie" for a rendezvous with our buck "Manly".   Nellie was NOT in the mood and let us know by "wildly" hissing and biting at us as we reached in to grab her. Manly... did get the job done though as he,  falling  under the "horny" category,  is always a willing participant.  Above is a photo of Carie holding this wild and wooly creature.  The whole situation gave me flashbacks to my fear of rabbits after watching "Watership Down" as a kid.  It gave us a new found respect for rabbits.  (Besides their delicious flavor.)  As we're always learning, things are never what they might seem here on the ranch.

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