Monday, June 11, 2012

Going green

The term going green gets tossed around a lot these days.  We see it bandied about by corporations trying to convince "consumers" that it cares about the environment.  Here, we just felt that was the best way to describe the greening of our garden with delicious heirloom seed vegetables.

Featured prominently in the foreground is our ripening Rapini Broccoli.   A non "heading" variety, it produces shoots similar to asparagus.  It's also a great producer with excellent flavor.  Also pictured are regular "headed" broccoli, two different variety of beets as well as celery and radishes.
While it's a pleasure to see all of our beds going green, it's taken a lot of time and twice daily watering to get it to this point.    Last year we were coming off one of the wettest springs ever and this year we feel like we're living in the desert Southwest.   We're considering growing cactus!  At least they do well with little rainfall.  We also are looking at harvesting the plethora of weeds that grow whether we water them or not.  There's a bumper crop already!   Salad weeds anyone?
Mother Nature is rumored to be heading our way with a shower or two in the next few days, so please keep our fingers crossed.  Rain dance on hold.  

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