Monday, September 10, 2012

Hog Heaven

It's been two weeks since we turned our hogs out to pasture/woods and it's clear (to us at least) that we have some happy hogs on our hands.  Our Tamworth hogs are a old breed range hog that's known for being able to thrive on pasture and woods.  Since we have all of our established pastures reserved for our bison, our thoughts turned to the large tract of land between our pastures.  This area is full of trees, briars, bushes and a nice stream down the length of it.  Both sides near the fence were also lush with mixed grasses that we need to regularly mow and weed eat.  Hmmmmm.....pigs can graze AND we don't have to mow.  Win,win.
The photo on the right is where they went this week.  The one below is where they've been for the past two. 

Pigs have rightfully earned the nickname, nature's dozers as they've plowed their way through the briars and turned over the dirt, stumps and everything else in their search for nuts, bugs and the need to root.   The penned in area where they spent the first couple of months was like a nice county fair.  Fun rides, some good eats and the ability to run around a bit - cozy.  Their new home is more like an amusement park and state fair combined.  Exhilarating rides, great variety of food and endless fun!  There is great natural shade, plenty of sun and fresh running water. Seeing our pigs being able to fully express the "pigness of the pig" as Joel Salatin might say brings a smile to our faces and a lot of happy snorting from our pigs.   If you'd like to learn more about our Tamworths pigs or pork products, send us a message and we'll get right back to you.

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