Sunday, February 10, 2013

Just Veggin

We all like to just "veg out" every once in a while.  It helps to restore our depleted energy on a cold winters day and allow our frazzled minds to wander to a better place.  For us recently, that better place has been a sunny summer's day in our garden.  It seems that each winter about this time we tend to crave the rich, fresh taste of one of the many varieties of heirloom vegetables that we grow.  Heirloom vegetables or fruits, (Generally recognized as those 1951 and before) selected for their ability to thrive in various climates, their size and great taste are just some of the reason that these cultivars were selected and passed down generation after generation.  So while we love a sled ride down a snow packed hillside just as much as the next person, these vegetables have been a driving factor in why we long for summer well before winter is even close to writing is final chapter. 
The photo here shows an abundance of produce that came out of our garden two summers ago.  We had many harvests just like this the past two summers from using only heirloom seeds, with ZERO pesticides, herbicides or any other 'cides whatsoever. It's truly a marvel to put a tiny seed into the ground and with a modest amount of care-taking watch it turn into something marvelous and healthful!   
So where does your mind go when you "veg out"?  If you've also spent many a winter weekends pining for vegetables like these here but don't have the space, time or desire to spend your summer weekends weeding those gardens, maybe it's time to consider investing in your health by purchasing a share in a Community Supported Agriculture.  With that investment, you receive weekly "shares" of the gardens bounty all summer long.  And not spending your sweltering summer weekends weeding, allows you to veg out and let your mind go to a better place like swishing down a snow packed winter ski slope :-)    We here at Cherokee Valley Bison Ranch are offering a limited number of shares in our CSA.  For more information, contact us via email and we'll send you out the details. 
Happy vegging!

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