Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spring Is In the Air

Spring is coming! Even though we are sitting here watching it snow we know its coming. Our animals are telling us so. Every morning for the past week Sir Lancelot, our beautiful peacock, has been tuning up his signature call. It was pretty rough at first, like a singer warming his voice, but now he is singing his love song loud and clear! We have also seen him fanning his spectacular tail! What a welcome sight after all these cold months.

The turkeys are also starting to hang out like a bunch of shy teen agers, the boys are hanging in a group and the girls are hanging in their own group. They are scoping each other out! We have been frantically trying to get the new turkey barn finished before the urge strikes and they start mating and laying eggs anywhere and everywhere besides where we want them to. It's that wild turkey streak in them that sends them to the woods, weeds etc. to make their nest.

Miss Rosie Piggins, our sow, seems to be "in a piggy way". She has been taking it easy and getting lots of rest in her delicate condition. Although a 600 pound sow seems anything BUT delicate. We are anticipating little bacon bits mid-May. There's nothing cuter than baby pigs!

Spring can hurry along any time and we'd be just fine with that! Stay warm!

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