Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

Hallelujah! Spring has sprung! This past weekend was so wonderful, all that good vitamin D from the sun had us smiling all weekend :) We will just pretend that the next couple of days aren't going to happen, after this past winter SNOW is the dirtiest 4 letter word I know! Nonetheless, things are going great at the ranch.

We have 2 rooms of our house filled with vegetable plants and they are growing strong. Soon, we will move them to the greenhouse to await the last frost while soaking up plenty of sun. Phase 1 of the garden relocation is complete. The piggies plowed their hearts out and the soil is ready for tilling. Weather permitting that will be done this week. Hard to believe but it's time to plant cabbage and kale this week. Next week we have lots of early season goodies going in like peas, radishes and lettuce to name a few! MMM I can already taste fresh salad.

In the barnyard, Rosie is due to farrow (have baby pigs) in the next couple of weeks she has been growing wider and wider! We are also on the lookout for little red calves, baby bison season is right around the corner and we could get our first calf anytime. Turkeys are in the hen house and laying eggs, already planning your Thanksgiving dinners. Our future egg layers have been weeding the greenhouse for us and will be out on grass within the week, it will still be a few months before they are laying but they are getting big! Meat chicks will be on their way soon and on their way to delicious chicken dinners. YUMMY.

I cant hide the fact that spring is my favorite season, my eyes are overjoyed at the sight of all the green, my ears by the sound of birds chirping and peepers at the creek romancing their mates and the smell of flowers that have been hiding for months. Hoping you all are finding joy in the season of awakening, too!

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