Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Buffalo Gal Makes Good

We've got bison, yes we do!
We've got bison, so can you!

That's right! Bison is here...after weeks of waiting you can enjoy our fabulous, mouth watering bison once again. The Buffalo Gal hitched her wagon and headed north yesterday to pick up precious cargo.  She skillfully dodged road construction and kept the horses running at a steady gait to make it back to the ranch and fill the freezers just like Christmas Morning!

We have all of your favorites plus a few new things to try. Meaty Bison Short Ribs are perfect for your labor day cookouts slap a few on the grill to share or eat them all yourself ! We also have Rump Roasts perfect for slow cooking with some carrots and potatoes...a meal worth waiting for. The ranchers have completed the difficult task of quality control and have handed down the Rancher Stamp of Approval for this harvest! We know you'll be just as delighted as we are.

We will be at the Canal Market District Friday evening with our freezers bulging with bison and our other delicious pastured meats. We have killer bacon that goes perfect on bison burgers.  Meat you there!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Chicken pieces are in!

This Just In: 

Our chickens have gone to pieces! In today's busy life convenience is king. We realize many of you don't always have time to defrost and cook a whole chicken. Or perhaps you're like my mom and only like the breast meat? Need a quick meal for the kiddos to accompany one of our delicious pork chops? Whatever your reason we have you covered! 

We now have our delicious pastured chicken breasts, thighs, legs and wings in convenient, quick to defrost, quick to cook,  don't have to plan ahead, vac sealed packages.  

We will have a full selection of chicken, pork and turkey tonight at the Canal Market District Farmer's Market from 4-7pm...looks like the rain will hold off until after the market! Stop out and see us. 

We also launched our new online store this week!! You can pre-order and pick up at the market (just tell me that you're coming to the market in the comment when you check out) or you can pick up at the farm. Check it out! 


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Pastured Chicken Special!!  

Buy 2 pastured chickens get 10% off buy 5 or more and get 20% off. 

Stock up for winter (when there are limited supplies of pastured chickens)! 
We grow an alternative broiler who is slower growing than the commercial white broilers so they have time to develop flavor and are vigorous foragers making for an exquisite taste. Our chickens are pastured in chicken tractors and enjoy a fresh salad bar with all the grass, seeds and bugs a chicken can eat! We supplement with a nutritionally complete,Non-Gmo verified feed. Enjoy such meals as Beer Can chicken, jamaican jerk rub chicken, or my favorite fried chicken. Our meaty chickens are the perfect meal stretcher as well, cook the chicken one day and use the meat in several meals through the week such as topper for a salad or in a stir fry. Save the bones and make a stock for a nutritious soup. 
Regularly $4 per pound.

Friday, July 8, 2016


To get all of you hooked on our most delicious , orangest yolked, free-range chicken eggs we are offering a special, a sample to take home. FREE EGGS with the purchase of, eggs favorite plate mates, bacon or sausage. We have Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, and Salt & Pepper Sage in bulk one pound packages and Bratwurst in links, 4 links per one pound package. Our Tamworth hog bacon, processed at Ohio's top butcher, cured with the natural nitrate cure makes for the best bacon your taste buds have ever met! Join us at the Canal Market District Farmer's Market tonight from 4-7pm!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Independence From Flavorless Meats

Hard to believe the holiday is upon us! No better way to make your taste buds go RED, WHITE and BOOM than to grill up some our delicious meats. Holidays for us are always a good excuse to go HOG wild with great food! Take advantage of our Holiday Special and get a free pack of chops when you buy 3 packs. Chops are $8 per pound and roughly 1lb packages, two chops to a package. We will have free recipe cards for our delightful rubs as well. We will have a full assortment of meats at the market this Friday so stop out and pick up something for your grill!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

One of the best marketing tools of the modern age is Facebook! Stay tuned for happenings at the ranch and special offers at the market. We will be announcing our sample of the week and any new and exciting things we will be bringing to our weekly "Meatings" at the market. 

To stay in the know ... Follow us on Facebook

Friday, June 3, 2016

Canal Market District Farmer's Market

We can scarcely believe it but the first market is tonight! Come out and see us :) We have been busy stocking the freezers this spring with delicious chicken, pork and of course bison. Stop by our booth, number 17 on the North side of the East pavilion, and take home some grass fed bison or some pastured non-gmo pork and chicken. Bacon from our Tamworth pigs will make it worth getting out of bed Saturday morning.
Tonight we will be sampling Jerk Rubbed pork chops, stop by for a taste!

Free recipe cards with purchase!

Monday, March 14, 2016

We are hosting a bison workshop! For all of our friends, followers and wanna-be bison ranchers who want to learn the in's and outs of bison ranching ...join us for our one day workshop!

Women Grow Ohio Cherokee Valley Bison Ranch Workshop

On Saturday, May 14 at 10:00 am, Women Grow Ohio will hold a Cherokee Valley Bison Ranch Workshop as a kick-off event for the 2016 Women Grow Ohio Farm Fairs! At this bison workshop, attendees will learn all about bison; feeding and nutrition, fencing and handling, breeding and calving as well as tips on building a successful business. Through discussion and hands on learning, attendees will leave armed with an appreciation for our national mammal and will be able to begin to decide if raising bison is right for them. Spend a day in the beautiful rolling hills of Perry County on this historic farm. Lunch, featuring bison chili, will be provided.
About the Practitioner: Carie Starr is the Co-owner and President at Cherokee Valley Bison Ranch, in Thornville, Ohio. Carie, an environmental scientist by trade, found her calling when she fell in love with the idea of raising bison in 2006. Carie and her husband Jarrod, armed with years of self-education on these wild and woolly beasts, spent the last 8 years transforming an empty hay field into a bustling bison ranch by the sweat of their brow. Their growing bison herd and their heritage breed pork and poultry operation have been featured in Rural Heritage Magazine and Farm and Dairy Journal, among others.

Registration for this event will close on Saturday, May 7 2016. Cost for the workshop is $100, and includes a local, bison lunch. The Cherokee Valley Bison Ranch Workshop is sponsored, in part, by Rural Action.
Click the link below to get registered ! Send me an email for a special code to save on registration. cherokeevalleybison@yahoo.com


Friday, February 5, 2016

Fast Food

Ever have one of those days? Yeah...yesterday was one of 'em. Started the day out early by walking the bike path for miles in search of my daughters lost wallet and visiting two police departments just in case some good samaritan turned it in. Yeah, no. 

So, as the defeated daughter and I are pulling in the driveway "ring ring" its my sister calling to tell me a pig is out. Not only out but, in with the buffalo!!! Visions of flying pigs immediately start going through my head. Thank goodness we were in the driveway! I run around the house and there is the pig chasing the buffalo. Good Golly! Many "here pigs" later and he runs out of the buffalo pasture towards his buddies watching from their pen. Pigs are so bad, they absolutely delight in being chased, they twist and run barking all the way. By this time backup arrived and we put him back in. After an exhaustive pig fence check we find no holes. Hmm? get out the meter and there is no juice on the fence. 
Meanwhile the little booger is back out but, he brought them all! 3 rotten, barking, twisting pigs running joyously through the barnyard. At this point I'm ready to call the butcher and see if he has anything open right that minute while visions of bacon and pork chops are running through my head. Instead, we put them back in the training pen. Many hours, cuss words and wraps of electric tape later ...the fence is fixed and running at voltages we hadn't seen in years ...note to self put fence maintenance on the to-do list more often. As we nervously re-released the pigs into the electric fenced pasture I can't help but think of Dirty Harry  "Do you feel lucky? Well do ya, punk?" as I wait for a pig to *test* the fence. Satisfaction wasn't long in the making...as I'm in the barn getting feed I hear pig yipes to curl your hair. As an evil grin spread across my face, I knew the pig chasing was over for the day. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

A New Direction

As we begin a new year we are making new plans, plans for growth. In 2010 we ceased attending farmer's markets as we had more than enough business for our bison right here at the ranch - still do. However, we have been adding new ventures every year and we want to expand our chicken, pork and turkey production. While we have had great support from our customers who visit us often here at the ranch, we need a bigger audience for our wares. 

Enter Newark's new farmer's market, the Canal Market District, a perfect opportunity to get into a market on equal footing with the other vendors. Getting into an existing market is tough and people have their faves, it's hard to be the new kid on the block. After learning about what a cool market The Downtown Association was planning,  we applied and were accepted! YAY! So, this coming summer, you will find us in Downtown Newark, Friday evenings, 4pm-7pm June through October. It's especially exciting because Newark has been like a second home for us, it's where we shop and hang out, and Jarrod and I both worked in Newark for many years before we became farmers. We hope to see a lot of familiar faces at the market and a lot of new ones too!

Check out what the new market is all about: