Friday, January 22, 2016

A New Direction

As we begin a new year we are making new plans, plans for growth. In 2010 we ceased attending farmer's markets as we had more than enough business for our bison right here at the ranch - still do. However, we have been adding new ventures every year and we want to expand our chicken, pork and turkey production. While we have had great support from our customers who visit us often here at the ranch, we need a bigger audience for our wares. 

Enter Newark's new farmer's market, the Canal Market District, a perfect opportunity to get into a market on equal footing with the other vendors. Getting into an existing market is tough and people have their faves, it's hard to be the new kid on the block. After learning about what a cool market The Downtown Association was planning,  we applied and were accepted! YAY! So, this coming summer, you will find us in Downtown Newark, Friday evenings, 4pm-7pm June through October. It's especially exciting because Newark has been like a second home for us, it's where we shop and hang out, and Jarrod and I both worked in Newark for many years before we became farmers. We hope to see a lot of familiar faces at the market and a lot of new ones too!

Check out what the new market is all about:

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