Friday, February 5, 2016

Fast Food

Ever have one of those days? Yeah...yesterday was one of 'em. Started the day out early by walking the bike path for miles in search of my daughters lost wallet and visiting two police departments just in case some good samaritan turned it in. Yeah, no. 

So, as the defeated daughter and I are pulling in the driveway "ring ring" its my sister calling to tell me a pig is out. Not only out but, in with the buffalo!!! Visions of flying pigs immediately start going through my head. Thank goodness we were in the driveway! I run around the house and there is the pig chasing the buffalo. Good Golly! Many "here pigs" later and he runs out of the buffalo pasture towards his buddies watching from their pen. Pigs are so bad, they absolutely delight in being chased, they twist and run barking all the way. By this time backup arrived and we put him back in. After an exhaustive pig fence check we find no holes. Hmm? get out the meter and there is no juice on the fence. 
Meanwhile the little booger is back out but, he brought them all! 3 rotten, barking, twisting pigs running joyously through the barnyard. At this point I'm ready to call the butcher and see if he has anything open right that minute while visions of bacon and pork chops are running through my head. Instead, we put them back in the training pen. Many hours, cuss words and wraps of electric tape later ...the fence is fixed and running at voltages we hadn't seen in years ...note to self put fence maintenance on the to-do list more often. As we nervously re-released the pigs into the electric fenced pasture I can't help but think of Dirty Harry  "Do you feel lucky? Well do ya, punk?" as I wait for a pig to *test* the fence. Satisfaction wasn't long in the I'm in the barn getting feed I hear pig yipes to curl your hair. As an evil grin spread across my face, I knew the pig chasing was over for the day. 

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