Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Jerkying Around

Did someone say bison jerky? Thats right we aren't jerky-ing you around! After years of a jerky-less existence we are FINALLY able to bring you bison jerky once again. Do you think I said jerky enough times? That's how excited we are! It has been Rancher tested and approved, both kinds, (rough job but, someone has to do it) it is the perfect combo of flavor and texture. You'll want to try some for yourself ! AND you're in luck...we are bringing it to the final Canal Market District Farmer's  Market this Friday or you can pick it up here at the ranch by appointment. 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Fall Pork Harvest

It's time for the fall pork harvest! Our Tamworth pigs have been grazing all summer and are cleaning up the tree line as I write this. They are enjoying a plethora of hickory nuts and fall grasses. In order to ensure their nutritional needs are met, we also supplement with a small amount of locally grown non-gmo pig feed.
We have 3 pigs available to be sold in pork packages or as whole or half hogs. The farmers market will be over this week and soon the snow will fly. Pastured pigs store vitamin D (yep!, that vitamin you get from the sun) in their fat so you really can enjoy the taste of summer, all winter long, when you fill your freezer with our delicious pork! Contact us today to place your order!

2017 Pork Packages

20 lb Package $135

Cuts vary by availability but likely contain:
(3) 1 lb packages of bacon, 2-3 lbs chops, 2-3 lbs pork roast, 6-7 lbs ham steak, 5-6 lbs of sausage

40 lb Package $260

Cuts vary by availability but likely contain:
(5) 1 lb packages of bacon, 5-6 lbs chops, 6-7 lbs pork roast, 12-13 lbs ham steaks or whole ham roast, 10-11 lbs of sausage

Whole or half Hogs available

$4.00/pound hanging weight paid to CVBR plus processing costs paid to Dee Jays . 
Visit this website for an excellent description of what you can expect when buying a whole or half hog. 

Visit our butcher’s website to see what cuts are available and costs.