Friday, January 5, 2018

New Year Goals

There's something about the changing of calendars that inspire people to throw out their old habits along with the spent calendar. Maybe it's new aspirations or just the fact that no one wants to buy a new wardrobe after too many Christmas cookies. Whatever the reason we can help with your healthy eating goals!

We planned ahead and stashed plenty of pastured pork and chicken for the winter months, when the taste of last summer is so far from our memory and this summer still seems so far away.

So, to put the delicious in your healthy eating, we have put together a finger licking chicken and pork special.

2 packs chicken breasts (2 breasts per pack)
2 packs chicken thighs (4 thighs per pack)
2 packs chicken patties (3 patties per pack)
2 packs plain ground pork (1 pound packages)

all for $48.00 which is 20% off of regular price.

This special gives you 26 servings of delicious pastured protein for about $1.85 per serving.

As an added bonus, with the purchase of this special, you can purchase additional in-stock items for 20% off as well.

Contact Carie to arrange a time to shop or, for your convenience,  line-up a delivery!

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