Friday, January 17, 2020

Bison Cures the Winter Blues!

The long gray days of January leaving me thinking about my two favorite things: food and the beach! Since we already snuck away to the beach earlier in the winter, food is all I have left! I have been enjoying cooking delicious foods in the Instant Pot my daughter got me for Christmas. I have to say I'm looking forward to trying this recipe. 

We have plenty of bison roasts ranging in size from 2-4 pounds and short ribs that average right around 1.5 pounds. Either would be perfect for this creation!

We are well stocked on ground, patties, hotdogs and soup bones as well as a few packs of Chorizo. Slide out to the ranch this weekend to stock your freezer. We will be open this Sunday from 12-3pm for shopping. If you're busy you can always send me a message, or give me call and let me know what time works for you to come by. We are flexible! 

Meat you at the ranch!

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