Welcome to Cherokee Valley Bison Ranch!

Welcome to Cherokee Valley, I'm Carie Starr. In 2008 my husband Jarrod and I purchased a small herd of bison with the dream of producing grass-fed bison for ourselves and our community. 

When my grandmother purchased this farm more than 50 years ago, she already had a plan to preserve it for her children and future grandchildren. Growing up, the detriment of herbicides was preached at the kitchen table of the farmhouse where I spent so many hours absorbing every word. I'm not sure if it was her native Cherokee heritage or just a love of nature that inspired her to create this safe haven for wildlife, wildflowers and the birds & bees. It stuck with me and we have continued her practices. 

As we have watched neighboring farmers cut down portions of forests and remove old brushy fence rows to make room for more rows and larger equipment, we have gone the opposite direction. We leave large buffer zones of trees, wildflowers and brush. It's not completely selfless...with these areas comes plenty of small critters to fill the bellies of hawks, foxes and coyotes so they leave our livestock alone. Call it a peace offering if you will. There is nothing better, after a long summer day, than sitting on the deck enjoying a cold drink while we listen to the chorus of bugs and watch the fireflies dance across the pasture with the bison, as bats buzz by gobbling up gnats. To us, the vision of a hawk circling overhead as we go about our day is so stirring we can't help but pause and enjoy the sight. Even after all these years we are still excited by nature's little gifts. 

Whether you're coming by to purchase some of the finest bison and free-range chicken eggs money can buy or for a guided tour we look forward to sharing our little slice of paradise with you! 

Meet you at the ranch!